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Mark Alexander on NPLs, Greek recovery and debt to GDP ratio

Redstone's founder and Head of Strategy Mark Alexander interviewed in October 2018 in Athens, Greece, at the ProdExpo Conference.

Mark was there to talk about Redstone's Principles for Building Better Cities.This is a short interview the organisers grabbed outside where he talks about Greece, one of his favourite topics.

Everyone knows what happened in Greece. They were affected by the European financial crisis, and Greece struggled. As part of the euro, they were unable to devalue their currency. Their GDP collapsed, falling nearly 30%. Unemployment shot up to over 30%. They had to enter into an austerity program, had to deal with the troika and the ECB. Their debt ballooned to $320 billion.

So, what's the outlook? Well, Mark thinks the forecast looks pretty interesting. There are some big risks, but right now Redstone, along with the some of the worlds smartest investors believe Greece is a place that you might want to invest a lot of capital and look for big opportunities.

We'll post up the Principles for Building Better Cities talk as we edit it and the data.

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