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Congratulations to Tilman Fertitta

Congratulations to Tilman Fertitta on his agreement with Leslie Alexander to take over the reins at the Houston Rockets NBA franchise.

 Redstone is proud to have backed Dikembe Mutombo's vision for the Rockets and disappointed that we didn't win this competitive bid.

Redstone's Mark Alexander said;

"Congratulations to Mr Fertitta on his deal with Leslie Alexander to acquire the Rockets. Leslie is someone I have admired since I worked at the NBA He was a fantastic owner who embodies so much of what is great about the League.  His are big boots to fill, and Mr Ferritta is the right man to do that. We are, naturally, disappointed that Dikembe's bid wasn't selected. He is an inspirational figure for all of us at Redstone, in Houston, and around the world. Helping bring his vision for the Rockets to life would have been a dream for all of us, but sometimes good things don't happen. Leslie has made the right decision, and we look forward to cheering the Rockets to many more titles at the Toyota Center."

Redstone is proud to backed Dikembe Mutombo's vision for the Rockets in this competitive bid.


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