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Athens Alive - Press release

Athens Alive will redefine Athens's business and entertainment landscape. We are pleased to say that the consortium has now together with government attended multiple working groups in which we have identified a joined-up plan that would allow us to move to the next stage of Athens Alive.

Athens Alive will be a landmark development in Europe. Development on this scale is difficult. One of the critical issues is making all of the pieces work together to provide a seamless experience for fans and all Athens Alive visitors.

"We understand that various private parties have taken an interest in the Athens Alive concept and as a result, there is some pressure on the government to cut up Athens Alive into a patchwork of separate pieces."

Mark Alexander, Redstone.

Making Athens Alive a world-class, seamless experience for fans and other stakeholders is best served by a modern, integrated development plan. As a result, we have respectfully suggested that a piecemeal development approach is avoided.

"If you look at the successful mega developments that the consortium members have helped bring to life - Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, Shanghai's International Financial Centre, the Singapore Sports Hub, or London 2012's Olympic Park - what you learn is an integrated plan delivers much more benefit to government, community, and to tenants."

Mark Alexander, Redstone.

"Our consortium's stadium experience in projects like the AT&T Stadium, Mercedes Benz Superdome or the Barclays Centre taught us some specialist lessons. Making venues that are vibrant, viable, and sustainable contributors to the community they serve is hard. For us, it’s about much more than a game; it’s about communities, connections, transport and developing the sporting heritage of Athens for the future. Together with Dimitri, who brings great passion and experience in creating sporting success, we make a great team."

Mark Alexander, Redstone.

"When government formally approves the agreed development, we hope to strengthen the consortium and bring on board Greek specialist partners for certain elements"

Mark Alexander, Redstone.

“The grassroots support from fans and residents on social media has been incredible, and the can-do attitude of the Greek government and Ministry of Sport is refreshing. We want to move this forward and deliver for everyone."

Mark Alexander, Redstone.


The Athens Alive consortium was formed to develop the OAKA site into a modern, walkable, leisure, sports and entertainment district.

Athens Alive

Athens Alive offers northern Athens a great new space with that heritage and a renewed focus on healthy, active lifestyle at its heart. Athens Alive will be one of the world's most exciting, walkable sports and entertainment districts. Modern offices, incubator spaces for startups, luxury hotels, play parks, unique swimming pools, nutritious and fun restaurants, engaging retail stores, climbing walls, amateur sports pitches and new homes for three of Athens's major sporting franchises all tied together by a five-kilometre jogging track threading through the development.

AECOM - www.aecom.com

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A specialist arena and stadia venue and event operations firm formed by the people who ran the IMG stadia group.

Colliers - http://www.colliers.com/en-gb/greece

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News Agency - http://www.dpgmedia.gr

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