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Athens Alive - OAKA. Statement

It's early days for Athens Alive, and we have lots of hard work ahead of us.

The Athens Alive consortium, News Agency, Redstone, Bluerock, AECOM, and Colliers have just completed a pre-feasibility study on a development that, if approved, will redefine Athens's business and entertainment landscape. Now we are seeking the approvals from the government that will allow us to move to the next stage of Athens Alive - a full feasibility study.

From the spectacular opening ceremony to the closing night's conclusion, the 2004 Olympic games in Athens surpassed expectations. OAKA was a central part of that. Since then the people of Athens haven't had substantial, new leisure developments.

Respecting that sporting heritage and preserving the iconic Calatrava architecture for future generations is essential to the Athens Alive consortium. Athens Alive offers northern Athens a great new space with that heritage and a renewed focus on healthy, active lifestyle at its heart.

Modern offices, incubator spaces for startups, luxury hotels, play parks, unique swimming pools, nutritious and fun restaurants, engaging retail stores, climbing walls, amateur sports pitches and new homes for three of Athens's major sporting franchises all tied together by a five-kilometre jogging track threading through the development.

Athens Alive will be one of the world's most exciting, walkable sports and entertainment districts. Development of this scale is difficult. We have a long road ahead. Progress comes step by step. The next step requires firm commitments from both public and private partners. Those commitments are precisely what the consortium are building right now.


The Athens Alive consortium was formed to develop the OAKA site into a modern, walkable, leisure, sports and entertainment district.

AECOM - www.aecom.com

A multinational engineering firm that provides design, consulting, construction, and management services to a wide range of clients. AECOM has been ranked #1 in Engineering News Record's “Top 500 Design Firms” for eight consecutive years.

BlueRock - www.bluerocksports.co.uk

A specialist arena and stadia venue and event operations firm formed by the people who ran the IMG stadia group.

Colliers - http://www.colliers.com/en-gb/greece

One of the largest commercial real estate services and investment firms in the world

News Agency

A pioneering business with a history of leadership in one of the world’s most competitive fields and a track record of success in sports.

Redstone - https://www.redstoneap.com/

A finance and strategy firm founded by partners with first-hand experience in sports focused on investments in a variety of areas including real estate, sports, arena and stadia development.

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